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About Mindy



I have been a Registered Nurse since 1997, with specialization in asthma, allergies, immunology, mental health, geriatrics and emergency medicine. In my day to day work in the medical profession I had become increasingly aware of, and frustrated with the limitations that allopathic medicine has in treating most conditions and diseases. Also their total focus on the specific disease or symptoms that an individual might manifest, as opposed to looking at the person as a whole being. After some personal experiences with Acupuncture and its amazing effectiveness, I decided to investigate it further. This ultimately led to a huge new and wonderful undertaking.  

I began my studies at the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine, transferring to RainStar University in Scottsdale, Arizona to complete my Masters in Oriental Medicine in 2004. I am an Arizona State Licensed Acupuncturist and I am Nationally Board Certified as a Diplomate in Acupuncture from NCCAOM. I have had specialized training from my studies abroad at Guang An Men Hospital in BeiJing, China. I also hold a current Nursing license for the state of Arizona.  

I am skilled at treating all types of pain including head, neck, back and sciatic pain. I am also accomplished in successfully working with conditions such as anxiety, stress, arthritis and autoimmune diseases along with neuralgia, neuropathy, shingles pain and bells palsy. 


The benefit to you of what I offer is the combined knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine and the integration of the two approaches in a way that offers you the best possible treatment and healing outcome. I understand the strengths and limitations of each and advocate the patient in how to combine them in order to optimally use what the best of both worlds have to offer.  

Since my approach is integrative, not only does it provide you with excellent results, it works well in conjunction with any other healing modalities you may already be using. 

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2007 Guang An Men Hospital
BeiJing, China: Chinese Medical Internship


2003- 2004 RainStar University
Scottsdale, AZ: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture


2000-2003 Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine
Santa Barbara, CA: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture


1995-1997 Sinclair College School of Nursing
Dayton,Ohio: Nursing


1990-1994 Wright State University
Dayton, Ohio: Psychology and Pre-Nursing



2021: Snow Lotus Seminars

Online: Treatment of Addictions with Essential Oils & Acupuncture: Peter Holmes


2021 Miridia Acupuncture Technology

Online: 5 Elements and Emotional Core Treatments : Dr. Adrian Larsen

2018 Healthcare Medicine Institute

Online: Bells Palsy and Chinese Medicine:

Adam White LAc

2018 Acupuncture Without Boarders

Austin, TX: Healing Community Trauma Level 1:

AWB Staff


2018 Pro D

Online: Menopause & The 8 Extras: Empowering Patients to Revel In Their “Second Spring: Yvonne Farrell



Online: Treating PTSD with 5 Elements:

Vera Kiakobad LAc


2016 Chinese Health Center

Phoenix, AZ: Acupuncture in Integrative Oncology: Dr. Rose Li, MD (Taiwan), L.Ac. MPH

2015 Pacific Symposium

San Diego, CA: Yuan Qi Classical Acupuncture: Suzanne Robidoux


2015 Pacific Symposium

San Diego, CA: Contemplation on a Contrarian Approach to Treating Back and Hip Pain: Whitfield Reaves


2015 Pacific Symposium

San Diego, CA: Incorporating Aromatherapy into Your Practice: East Haradin


2015 American Acupuncture Council

Phoenix, AZ: The Essentials Acupuncture Billing & Coding Seminar


2015 PCOM

Distance Learning: Integrating Functional Medicine with TCM: Jake Fratkin


2014 Pacific Symposium
San Diego, CA: Gua Sha: Science, Evidence & Skill for Clinical Practice: Arya Nielsen


2014 Pacific Symposium
San Diego, CA: Shen Diagnosis & Treatment for PTSD: Lillian Bridges


2014 Pacific Symposium
San Diego, CA: Acupuncture Risk & Harm: Medical Literature Reality: Arya Nielsen


2013 Blue Poppy Enterprises
Treatment of GERD with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: Bob Flaws LAc


2012-2013 Miridia Acupuncture Technology
Acugraph Seminar Series: Dr. Adrian Larsen


2010 Pacific Symposium
San Diego, CA: Mental Illness and Chinese Medicine: Jeffery Yuen


2009 Institute of Esogetic Colorpuncture USA
Scottsdale, AZ: Introduction to Esogetic Colorpuncture


2008 Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Tucson, AZ: The Female Reproductive System and the Diagnosis and Treatment of it’s Disorders by Acupuncture


2006 Pacific Symposium
San Diego, CA: Facial Diagnosis and Shen Healing: Lillian Bridges



Hayden Acupuncture & Wellness Center

Owner and Acupuncture Practitioner

Mesa, AZ                                                     2012- Present


Wise Phoenix Consulting

Co-fonder and Business Consultant

Arizona                                                        2019- Present

The Wise Phoenix Continuing Education

Co-fonder and Acupuncture PDA Provider

Arizona and National                                2016- Present

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


National                                                       2015- Present


State of Arizona Acupuncture Board

of Examiners 

Professional Member

Phoenix, AZ                                                 2016- 2022


SOBA Recovery Center Mesa

Staff Acupuncturist

Mesa, Arizona                                             2019- 2021

Dignity Health- Urgent Care

Registered Nurse

Queen Creek, AZ                                        2006- 2019

East Valley Community Acupuncture Clinic

Co-fonder and Acupuncture Practitioner

Gilbert, AZ                                                   2014- 2017

The Acupuncture Clinic 

Co-fonder and Acupuncture Practitioner

Mesa, AZ                                                      2005- 2012



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