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10% OFF Every Order

  • Fullscript dispenses quality supplements and keeps you on track with your treatment plan.
  • Fullscript makes practitioner-recommended supplements accessible.
  • Unlike other retailers, Fullscript guarantees products are never past expiry, counterfeit, or stored incorrectly.
  • Fullscript is fully PCI and HIPAA compliant which means your protected health information is safe and secure.
Simple click the "PLACE ORDER" button above. You will be taken to Hayden Acupuncture Dispensary's sign-in page. There you can create a new account or sign in if you already have an account.
You can browse all the suplements, herbs, aromatherapy and healthcare products that Fullscript has to offer and you will receive 10% your entire order every time you shop. This is also the portal that Mindy will use if she prescribes anything that she does not carry in her office. 


To schedule your initial acupuncture consultation or herbal consultation click "Schedule Online Now" or call us at: 


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