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If You Want to Find the Secrets of the Universe,
Think in Terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.
                         ~Nikola Tesla
Healy is a microcurrent medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress. 
What is Healy?


HEALY is a holistic Wellness Device used to balance and support the Body's bio-energetic Field.

Via a QUANTUM SENSOR - based on the science of quantum physics - the Healy device can measure and analyse your individual energetic imbalances on a physical, mental and  emotional level and then deliver back to you customized and specific frequencies to realign your cellular, emotional and/or energy centers back into bio-energetic balance. Healy is small, compact and easy to use via an App on your mobile phone.

How Does Healy Work?
Healthy Cells - Healthy Bodies

A cell is the smallest building block in every organ of your body. You have about 70 trillion of them in your body, that is 70 million million! The number of cells in your body is 4,000 times larger than the world population!

The cells are of course specialized according to their purpose, but the basic “blueprint” of the cell is always the same (in plants, by the way, very similar to animals and humans).

The DNA as a Blueprint

Every cell in your body has the same blueprint that is stored in the DNA.

Each of your cells contains this entire blueprint for all other body cells, with each cell having a data memory of approximately 2 gigabytes. Of these, only about 3 percent is used to store genetic information; the purpose of the remaining storage space in the cell is largely unexplained.

The Cell Nucleus

The structure and internal functioning of every one of your cells is largely the same.The cell nucleus as the boss, the mitochondria as power plants, the ATP as energy storage, the endoplasmic reticulum as the intestine, the Golgi apparatus as an enzyme producer and the cell membrane as the outer shell that holds everything together.


Each of your cells has its own metabolism: water, nutrients and oxygen have to enter, metabolic products need to be taken out.

Your Cell Metabolism

In humans, it is well known to everyone how water and nutrients are transported in and how metabolic products are transported out.


For the cells, this transport is handled through openings in their surface, the so-called cell membrane.These “valves” in the cell membrane open and close as needed. This mechanism is based on voltage potential, i.e., the difference in voltage between the cell interior and the intercellular space. The right or wrong amount of such potential is responsible for healthy or impaired cell metabolism. 

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Frequency Application

As we just mentioned, the transport of matter into and out of the cell functions by a kind of magnetically controlled valve mechanism.

The voltage potential, i.e., the difference between the voltage inside the cell and the voltage between the cells, is responsible for healthy (physiological) cell metabolism.

This mechanism, most likely explains why frequencies can be applied for many different purposes and imbalances.

Cell Tension

Healy’s functional principle is based on the theory of Becker and Nordenstrom stating that many dysfunctions in the body are caused by an unnaturally reduced cell membrane voltage. This means that the voltage difference between the cell interior and the cell interspace is too small. A healthy cell shows a value of approximately -70mV (millivolt). A lower voltage potential than this normal (physiological) value leads to a disturbed cell metabolism and can result in health problems.

Frequency Therapy

By introducing currents into the body, Healy is designed to bring the cell voltage back into the healthy (physiological) range. These currents are very low, they are in the range of a few microamperes. The most important criterion for this type of therapy is that the currents are applied in the form of suitable frequencies, which is why this type of therapy is also called “frequency therapy.”

The real working capital in frequency therapy is Nuno Nina’s theory and experience of which frequencies are needed for which disorders. Healy contains in its programs the knowledge and experience of many years of practice with thousands of patients.

Cell Activity

The Healy model thus states that electrical frequencies are the language of cell communication, the key, if you will, that opens connections and functions in the body. In more technical terms, we could say that metabolism and cell division, the energy production of the cells (ATP synthesis) and the synthesis of proteins are meant to be stimulated by frequency therapy.

Frequencies Effect on Blood Cells
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What is an Appointment Like?

Healy is a small, portable quantum field micro-currency and resonant frequency unit that we will connect to your cell phone via the Heally app. 


Prior to your first Healy treatment we will set up the Healy app on your own smart phone and connect the Healy device. During your treatment, the program that we choose to run will be downloaded from the app to your phone which is connected to the Healy device, where the frequencies are generated from. You will be wearing wrist bands or electrodes attached to your wrists during the course of the treatment.

Most individuals become very relaxed and fall asleep. A typical Healy treatment last 45-60 minutes.

We Offer Three Different Types of Healy Treatments


Healy Analysis:

If this is your first Healy treatment, this is where you need to start. Also, if you have done a Healy analysis but want an updated scan, you'll want to schedule this treatment as well. We will use the Healy to analyse your Aura, measure your Chakras and figure out which of the programs most resonates with you in real time. This is a 75-90 minute appointment.

Healy Follow-up:

This is a follow up Healy treatment that may be scheduled for individuals who have already had the initial Healy Analysis. If you have not had the Healy Analysis yet, you will need to start with that appointment first. You will get to pick one of the available programs to work on a current physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue.

Healy Acupuncture Add-On:

You may add your choice of an available Healy program to your acupuncture treatment. This is for individuals who have already had their initial Healy Analysis appointment. This treatment may be added at time of service. If you have not had the Healy Analysis yet, you will need to start with that appointment first. You will pick one of the programs to work on a current physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue. This program will run while you are receiving your regular acupuncture treatment.


The Healy App frequencies are delivered through the Healy micro-current 

device using the electrodes.

Do not use micro-current stimulation if you:

   ~ Have a pacemaker or an implanted defibrillator, or have any metallic foreign               objects are in the area of application

   ~ Have an open wound or bleeding, a sensory disorder, or have had radiation               therapy near the site of the electrodes

   ~ Have a fever, new scar tissue, a history of uncontrolled seizures, epilepsy

   ~ Are or may be pregnant

   ~ Healy and its applications are only suitable for adults over the age of 18.                     Insufficient data is available for use by minors.

Types of Programs Healy Offers
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