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Health & Wellness Testing

Health & Wellness Testing

How It Works:





Come in for a Health and Wellness Evaluation, Initial Acupuncture Consultation or your Acupuncture Follow-up appointment to discuss which tesing might be relavent to your health conditions.



                                 At your convenience, go online to order your test                                      from EVERLY WELL using special code: MHAYDEN at checkout to recieve 10% off your laboratory tests. Your test kit will arrive at  your doorstep in three business days.



Collect and Send: 


Take a sample in the comfort of your own home and return it to one of the nation’s leading laboratories for analysis.



View Results: 


Your easy-to-read results are reviewed by a board-certified physician and you have access to them online as soon as they are available. When you get your results, simply bring a copy of them with you to your next appointment and we will go over them together, getting all of your questions answered.


Together we will create a personalized wellness plan based on your health goals. If you are needing further specialized medical care based on your test results or symptoms, we will help you get to the appropriate medical proffesional for the best possible care.

Hayden Acupuncture & Wellness Center, Mesa Arizona, Everlywell


Click the test you are interested in for more information.
Hayden Acupuncture & Wellness Center, Mesa Arizona, Everlywell


To schedule your initial acupuncture consultation or herbal consultation click "Schedule Online Now" or call us at: 


Use Code:
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