About Donna

Donna Wilt
Tel: 480-818-1750

Donna Wilt graduated from West Wind Academy of Massage Therapy in 2004. Her focus as a massage therapist has always been injury rehabilitation and maintaining wellness. Though known for her ability to deliver deep pressure when necessary, she believes massage doesn’t have to hurt to work. 


In 2016 she graduated from Avalon School of Cosmetology as a licensed esthetician with a focus on clinical skin care and corrective treatments. Much like her approach to massage, Donna provides progressive, result driven treatments catering to all skin types including problematic, acne prone, prematurely aging, sensitive/reactive skin, hyperpigmentation, and skin of color. 


Donna is dedicated to helping people live healthy, happy lives. She is passionate about continued education and is constantly learning and growing her skill set to maximize the benefits her clients receive from massage and skin care treatments.